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Hey sweetie! I was looking for you this morning, I made you eggs and bacon, but you never came down! Oh yeah sorry about that, I overslept... it was a long night.. Are you ok? Come over here, I think we should talk about what happened last night.. It's ok mom, we both got a little out of hand. It's not your fault. I really don't want things to be weird between us.. I've been going through kind of a hard time recently.. Well I just wanted to make sure you were ok last night, and I apologize for touching you too Honestly, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I can't make your father happy.. Maybe we can experiment a bit and see if it will help? Are you sure? I can't see how my dad isn't happy being with you.. All I want is to feel loved! Let me show you my body, can you tell me if I don't look right or something? Are my boobs too small? Is my ass fat? We haven't been intimate in months! No you look great but, I don't know if we should touch each other again. Maybe we can sit here and just watch each other play? Is that ok? Yeah mom that's ok.. Mmm, I need more! I need to feel you inside of me! We've already come this far... I'm just so fucking horny! I want you to be happy.. but dad doesn't have to know about this, right? Of course not, he won't know a thing.. Watch as my vulnerable step-mother gets me to grope her and coerces me into giving her what she's been lacking from my father.. I slide my throbbing cock into her and make her cum over and over again before my dad gets home from work! My step-mom kicks me out of her and my fathers room, but not before I bust my nut across her face!

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