Welcome in the New Year with pregnant babe Miss Mao Haneda - Tenshiago - 480

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Pornstars: Mao Haneda
Categories: Nipples

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This is our most popular model of 2021. You might remember this sexy hot babe has something cooking and if you remember rightly, it is in her tummy. She came to us with a bun in the oven. She has a baby on the way and she still wanted to come and do her first porno. We were glad she made that decision as she was the most requested model this past year. Our members really got off on her and so many asked to see more of her. We were quite happy to do some more video fun shoots with her and we got her over and we also had her dress up for us. We thought we would have her wear an old uniform form when she was in school. What a combo! A school girl with a big belly cause she is pregnant. We hope that ticks off some of the fetishes our members have for Japanese girls. She was happy to go along with our idea and looked great in her uniform. Mao also looked great taking it off and fucking our dude. Her tits were so big and juicy and full and those nipples were so suckable we could have licked and sucked them forever. But, as it turns out, Mao also has a great big fat pink hairy pregnant pussy she needed work on and just like you would have done, we got her panties off and her legs spread and dove into her hot fuck hole like a starving man. We had her jerk off our dude while she fingered her own pussy first, just so everyone was warmed up for the fucking that was sure to happen. She was also kind enough to take some time sucking our dude off as well before they got down to the fucking. Mao had go watch the video! GO! It is worth a whole year membership just to see this lovely pregnant babe and her fat titties and hungry pussy get fucked and sucked! Happy New Year!

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