Jewelz Blu & Robby Echo in Feels Like The First Time, Scene #01 - 375

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Categories: Lingerie

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Jewelz Blu has just gotten off her flight and is taking a cab home. She seems excited, but a little nervous. She decides to call her partner, Robby Echo, who is waiting for her to arrive. They have a video chat together, where it is revealed that Jewelz has been away on a long trip, and is so excited to be in the same room as Robby again. Jewelz admits that she feels a bit worried that it'll be awkward when they meet up since it's been so long. Will their relationship still be the same? Robby tells her not to worry about that, assuring her that it'll be fine. He even hints that he may have prepared a little surprise for Jewelz, which gets her excited. They hang up, and Jewelz continues her journey home. When Jewelz arrives, she finds that Robby has indeed left her a surprise. In the middle of the entrance hall is a lovely daybed, covered in rose petals, with two sexy pieces of lingerie placed in the middle. She's incredibly touched and puts the lingerie on. At that moment, Robby comes down the stairs, dressed in a tuxedo. He goes over to Jewelz and compliments her beauty. Within moments, they are kissing each other deeply, their hands and tongues re-exploring each other's bodies after so much time apart. They have romantic, sensual sex together. Whether this feels like the first time or not, it's clear that for Jewelz and Robby, it won't be the last.

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