Close Up: Scene 1: Jessy Ares & Trenton Ducati - 227

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Trenton Ducati enters the kitchen, showing off his ripped body to Jessy Ares who leans in for a kiss, the two grinding their jean bulges as they lick each other. Trenton releases Jessy's uncut missile, spitting on it before engulfing it. Jessy fucks the stud's face, then spits down on Trenton's massive pecs rubbing his cock between them as Trenton kisses his stomach. Jessy spits into Trenton's mouth, moaning Yeah boy! as he plows his mouth. Trenton's beast juts out of his jeans, Jessy's cock throbbing up in the air as it's released from the sucker's lips. Spit drips from his shaft, which Jessy rubs on Trenton's pecs. Trenton then feeds him, whipping his dick on Jessy's mouth before offering his ass. Jessy fingers and eats him, spreading Trenton's jock cheeks. Fuck me! moans Trenton, his big boner dangling as he gets it deep. Jessy pins Trenton to the floor for some more, then turns him over. You like my ass? asks Trenton, jacking as he gets fucked. The two squirt Jessy dumping his big load all over Trenton's thick shaft.

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