Shove It!: Scene 2: Race Cooper & Brock Rustin - 444

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Leading his caged dog into the room, master Race Cooper teases hungry Brock Rustin with his big bone. Want that? he asks the tattooed stud, who gets a brief taste through the bars. Tell me you fuckin' want more! shouts Race, who lets Brock out of the cage and rams his face. Spit gobs cling to Brock's red goatee, Race holding the sucker's head down as he deep throats. With both breathing heavy, Brock licks Race's pit before mounting the cage, offering his ass on all fours. Race eats and slaps Brock's ass before shoving his dick inside, the bottom yelling Fuckin' give it to me! Race feeds his fingers to Brock as he rams him doggie style, then slides a dildo inside Brock. The two are soon on the floor ass to ass, one leg overlapped as they dildo fuck each other, a memorable aerial shot capturing the unforgettable image. Race then opens up wider as Brock warms up his hole with five fingers before finally twisting his full fist inside, keeping it there as Race's body quivers. The two shoot their wads, Race's thigh dripping with cum.

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