Heavy Duty: Scene 3: Aymeric DeVille & Adam Russo - 144

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After putting a harness on fellow shaved-headed stud Aymeric DeVille, Adam Russo wraps his bud's arms in bondage sleeves, tying them together behind his back. Adam flashes a wicked smile, licking Aymeric's tight abs before opening wide for his thick beauty. Adam attaches weights to Aymeric's bound sac (Fucking stretch those balls!), sucking him deep as the weights swing. Aymeric gets fed Adam's beautiful boner: Fucking devour it, boy! Adam face fucks him, then pulls out and teases him (Show me you want it!) before stuffing him again. Adam feeds the sucker his fingers, then makes Aymeric beg for piss shooting streams all over him: My little pissy bottom tell me you want more! Aymeric gets a load in the mouth, spitting it out before getting a stream on his ass. Adam eats, fingers and fucks the bottom, the weights still dangling from his balls. Adam comes on Aymeric's shaft, using the load to jack off the bottom as he wraps his muscular arm around him grabbing Aymeric's pec and kissing him in a hot closing shot.

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