Soaked: Scene 3: Alessio Romero & Tony Orion - 152

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Bursting out of their slick black latex suits, Alessio Romero and Tony Orion kiss before Alessio feasts on Tony's uncut cock planting his lips to the root as spit strands soak the slab. Alessio's dick throbs as he sucks, nibbling on Tony's foreskin and gripping the dark-haired cutie's pec a strand of spit sliding down Tony's sac. Tony sucks back, feasting on Alessio's thick beauty. Alessio spits in Tony's mouth, then pisses on him before eating his hole which he spits on before burying his scruffy chin inside. Tony gets fucked doggie style, his ass rippling while he moans his necklace flying back and forth. Alessio grunts as he fucks, working up to a frantic pace that has him slamming Tony's hole. The top pisses on Tony's ass before eating him again, then fucks him on his back the memorable shots capturing the deep penetration in all its glory, pubes planted to pubes. The two shoot, Tony rubbing Alessio's wad on his suit.

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