Pacific Coast: Scene 2: Eric Nero & Ricky Decker - 164

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Pornstars: Ricky Decker

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Ricky Decker knocks on a door nestled in a winery. You're late, says Eric Nero, a baseball cap atop his handsome face. We don't have a lot of time. They kiss, stripping their shirts off as their bristly chins meet. Ricky rubs Eric's clipped, toned chest, taking out the lean stud's huge cock. Ricky sucks it deep as Eric holds his head. They kiss, Eric stroking their cocks together before getting on his knees. Play with that big dick while you do it, says Ricky, Eric stroking his own beast as he sucks. Ricky's boner is caught in a beautiful side shot as his muscle bod is pressed against the wall, his hairy hole soon eaten by Eric. Ricky fucks Eric from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as his monster cock bounces. Look at that big dick floppin' around! marvels Ricky, the two kissing as Eric arches back. The bottom gets on his back as Ricky slams him: Wanna fuck that cum outta you! moans the top, Eric's hairy bod soon covered in cream.

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