TAXMAN CUMETH: David Benjamin gives Diesel Washington full service - 225

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SF Titans Baseball coach and former star player Diesel Washington gets a visit from his accountant David Benjamin who's nervous about income his client wants him to ignore. Diesel uses his crotch to tempt his aroused accountant: It's all yours go for it. David engulfs Diesel's monster, gagging on it: It's fucking huge! says the breathless sucker, soon begging Diesel to rape his mouth. Don't get bossy with me, says the increasingly verbal alpha, I'll make you choke on it. A big spit strand connects David's furry face to Diesel's cock, the smiling sucker extending his tongue for a dick whipping. Diesel sucks the excitable stud back, then eats and slaps his ass before fucking him. David's stiff dick bounces as he gets fucked, Diesel telling him to squeeze it! A pearl of precum drips from David's dick, the bottom soon on his back begging for more: Stretch that fucking hole! David's whole bod shakes as he gets owned, his cock squirting without any stroking Diesel then dumping his load on him.

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