TaXXX: Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum think taxes are hard! - 146

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These taxes are driving me crazy! complains Alex Mecum as Eddy CeeTee rubs his shoulders. Taxes are hard. Responds Eddy: So am I. He swivels Alex around for a kiss, Alex wrapping his legs around the beefy bod. Eddy kisses Alex's chiseled frame, a big smile spreading across his face as he lands on the jock's sizable boner. He takes it balls deep, Alex fucking his face. Alex slurps the verbal gym stud back, Eddy reaching down to spread and smack the jock's ass. Alex licks his lover's feet (Nice and sweaty!), Eddy rubbing them on his back as he strokes. Eddy returns the favor, sucking Alex's toes before getting his face fucked. He rams Alex from behind, the bottom gripping the sheets as his red-hot cock bounces: I like feeling that dick slide in and out of me! Eddy turns him over, yelling Take that dick! as he spreads Alex's legs and pounds like crazy the bottom's pecs shaking. Eddy jacks a big load out of Alex as he fucks him, then unleashes a stream I caught some of that, says the smiling bottom as they kiss. I can taste it!

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